Orthotics for Gait Correction

Orthotics is a specialty dedicated to correcting gait. At Corunna Chiropractic & Massage, we help you to correct your gait by supplying a custom orthosis. What makes each orthosis unique is that it’s fitted exactly to your trouble area (a limb or the torso), providing proper alignment to correct gait. Unlike those shoe inserts sold in the drug store, orthoses address whole areas of dysfunction. Orthoses can relieve pain in the following areas:
  •  Joints
  • Knees
  • Hips
  • Back
Looking for an alternative to traditional pain relief medicine? Try acupuncture today.

Corunna Chiropractic & Massage: SpiderTech™ Taping

SpiderTech™ tape supports performance and minor pain relief. The “spiders” look like just that—many “legs” of tape can weave along the curvature of the joints and muscles in order to support these areas during exercise, to improve mobility, and to relieve pain. Corunna Chiropractic & Massage applies SpiderTech tape that provides continued therapy outside of the office, supporting problem areas and making the most of the treatment patients just received in the office.

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